onsdag den 3. januar 2018

Airsoft nerds level 100

Yesterday I brought in some friends from my airsoft community or team if you might call it.
I've only known these guys for a year or two besides Thanh of course.

I've never shot anything airsoft related other then my airsoft videos on youtube, so I thought it might be fun to give some of my fellow airsofters a chance to get some proper pictures of themselves in their airsoft gear.

We thought we go with the Call of Duty theme with a black background like in the game before you start by picking a operator that you wish to play with.

I also made a Vlog out of it, but it's only for Danish viewers.

Our team(Which isn't a real team, we just have it for fun) consists of a lot of players where most of us have met through playing airsoft. This is just a small handfull of players in our "team".






Jakob is not on the team but got in on the shoot on a wildcard ;-)

mandag den 1. januar 2018


Wow three years has passed since I first decided to quit alcohol. I'm not bragging... well maybe just a little bit, but I can assure you that it's been one hell of a ride and I gotta admit, not drinking alcohol is a little less fun but I definetly don't miss the buzz either.
Last year all sober and chill I wen't out to the same bridge and caught the fireworks with my drone. The drone footage was for private use only but got viral on different tabloids sites and it also got used in a campaign that won an award (Both video is linked below).

I hope you all had a safe jump into 2018, may 2018 be a even more succesful year to everyone I know and don't know!

Dream big

Btw Vlog coming soon LINK

My drone video from 2017

My drone footage from NYE 2017 used in a campaign that won a award
Article for campaign linked below